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I always enjoy when the spring appears and when the Nurseries, Pre-School & Parent & Toddler (P&T) Groups are having their Easter, and Summer Portraits.

Along with Christmas, cosy photos by the fire with Santa hats!
On photo days, there are no hard and fast rules. It’s important to understand the children and work around moods, happy, inquisitive, unsure etc.

If a child is not comfortable in sitting, to have their portrait, there are ways around this. Some children need more time and we should not forget, photo day is out of their normal routine.

Confidence can be gained by watching their friends, a bit of peer pressure and a child forgets their fears. Most of the time, they are the hero of the day, encouraging other friends to sit and even giving guidance and support by sitting next to them and holding their hand.

If your child is unsure, I will work with them to do the best I can to achieve outstanding portraits of them and I do love a challenge, a rebel and a comedian. After all, they are just a younger version of you.

As parents, you may wish to sit with your child to create a more familiar, comfortable environment. You do not need to be in the photo (unless you want to be). There are ways of cropping you out, while your child feels at ease with you there.

If you are not there, the nursery nurses are fabulous at helping, getting involved to make sure you get that special photo.

Sometimes, children need to go away from the photo setting, come back with a friend, just needing to watch in order to gain confidence.

As I said earlier, it’s about the children and what works best with each individual child.

After all that…. Confident children sometimes are the ones who are not keen to sit for a photo. Words such as confident and shy have two different meanings. Shy children are often more confident when taken out of their routine. While confident children, do not always like being taken out of their routine as confidence is there when you know what you are doing and in control of a situation.

Years ago at a P&T group a grandparent said to me, she won’t sit, she never does! Well, I introduced myself and explained the purpose of my visit. Wow, she was fantastic! Never doubt a child, they are little people who can hear and have feelings. Encouragement is always best!

A typical photo day at the nursery

On photo day, the environment must be happy, comfortable and warm, No one wants to feel cold and we can all get cold when we are feeling unsure or not too confident.

The Nursery Nurses are always present.

I always like to show the children their photos as there is a great sense of achievement. Their confidence is high as they have an understanding of the day and are happy. Being happy, is always the most important thing for a child. I arrive early to set up my equipment; the date and time I will be visiting the group will be advertised on the posters I send.

If I run late, I stay on; I will not leave until I have taken all the children’s portraits.

With my photo service there is no charge to take the photos and a commission is given to the Nursery, Pre-School or P&T Group. The service is on a deadline basis. As it is a group service, orders are returned to the nursery and you can pick them up at your convenience when your child is attending next.

However, if you are running late due to personal circumstances. You can download the brochure and send to me via email or WhatsApp.

If you have missed the deadline (photos being delivered back to the nursery), you will incur a late and a postal charge.

The above service talks of Nurseries but this is included for all groups whether you are a Pre-School or Parent & Toddler group (P&T)

Prices held in 2024.

Happy to discuss any questions you have.


Jackie Frost Photography ethos is to do what works best in the interest of each child and to do this in the happiest of environments.

I love a challenge so do not fear, if your child is not keen, unsure or a rebel; it makes my day as I love a personality. Nothing is more adorable than a character.

Nothing touches me more when I’m told that I’m the only Photography your child has sat for or I’ve taken the best photos of your child,

Please get in touch, if you have any questions.

Be happy! xx